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Speaking Engagements

Ten Best Practices for Successful Global Teams
International Business and Globalization
Hsiuping University of Science & Technology
Taichung, Taiwan, 2013

Business Models and Transformation
Innovation Incubator Conference Los Angeles, 2013

Business in a Box - Replicating Scalable Businesses
Global Congress - BAM International Think Tank, Thailand, 2013

Big Ideas for Small Business Owners (Turnaround Strategies)
Ten Things You Need to Know Before You Franchise
Friends in Business Network, San Diego, 2013

Business in a Box -- Aquaponics
Emerge Business Summit, Colorado Springs,  2014

Business as Mission - Doctorate Global Studies
RCCGNA Seminary, Manhattan, 2015 & 2017

AMCHAM Entrepreneurial Meetings, Training & Consulting
Skopje, Macedonia, 2016

Business Strategies for Emerging Businesses
Global Advance - Porto Alegre & Pelotas, Brazil, 2016

WoldWideTeams Consulting customizes
 presentations for your next event.
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WorldWideTeams Consulting  - Speaking Engagements and Training
WorldWideTeams Consulting provides collaborative and participative speaking engagements and training workshops in:  (1) Innovative business models, (2) international and domestic business expansion, (3) systematizing your business for productivity or scalability, (4) franchise readiness, (5) turnaround business strategies, and (6) valuing and selling your business.